Local Stores Create Charity To Support Community

Business Owners Donate to Community Members in Need
July 18, 2022 at 1:28 p.m.
The Posh Pagan
The Posh Pagan


The Alternative Path Coexist and The Posh Pagan are sister stores located on Main Street in Hamilton that have made an impact on Butler County in more ways than one. Creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals, pagans, homeless community members, and others, The Posh Pagan and The Alternative Path Coexist have supported those in need. The stores created Secret Conjure Saints, a community based charity that anonymously donates food, clothing, hygiene care packages, and other essential items to those in need. Recently the chapter donated a vehicle to an elderly man who was walking upwards of 4 miles a day to work to support his family. All of this is done by donations from the stores and community members. Other local businesses have joined Secret Conjure Saints, who now have 6 local chapters of the community based charity.

Family owned, the stores have worked tirelessly to ensure that all who walk in their doors feel loved and welcome. General manager Megan, emphasizes the efforts taken by the businesses to make others feel loved, safe, and welcome.

"We're trying to make everyone happy, really. We are expanding our plus sizes, we don't care about size, shape, color, or race, we support love. A lot of people come into the stores and call it their safe space, you are accepted here and loved here, you can be yourself. We have a lot of people come in here who are fighting battles mentally, we try to guide them and support their mental health. We've helped people with drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, and homelessness through Secret Conjure. It feels good to be a safe space for everybody."

Megan continues, explaining how the stores do weekly food drives that has already brought in over 7,000 lbs of nonperishable items. They have donated gift baskets for the elderly in need, care packages for the homeless, and benefits for families in need. The stores accept donations of food, clothing, and more from the community or visit their page for more information.

Located at 1232 and 1238 Main Street, Alternative Path Coexist and The Posh Pagan are sister stores empowering Butler County.

The Posh Pagan is open Thursday through Sunday from 11am until 7pm, Alternative Path Coexist is open from 11am until 7pm every day excluding Wednesdays.

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