Rooftop Restaurant Offers Unique Views of Hamilton

Fretboard Brewing and Public House shows Hamilton in new perspective
April 14, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.


Fretboard Brewing and Public House is located in the heart of Hamilton, overlooking the Great Miami River from their rooftop seating, all while striving to provide gluten free meals for those with allergies. Happy Hour features a wide variety of appetizers, wines, and beers all for $5 and under every Monday through Friday from 4pm to 6 pm.

Big Blue Lemonade

Starting with Fretboard Vlad Beer Cheese, the pretzels are the perfect amount of salt balanced out by melty cheese, carrots, and celery. Their pasta caprese, available gluten free by request, features pasta with a hint of garlic and juicy tomatoes with proteins such as shrimp or chicken optional. Another popular option is the Pub Burger with a side of chips or fries, followed by desserts such as their Donut Hole Sunday.

For a unique view of downtown Hamilton, visit Fretboard Brewing and Public House to experience Hamilton from a new perspective!