Frankfort KY is a short drive from Butler County.

Architecture, American History, and Amusement: A day trip to Frankfort Kentucky.

May 9, 2021 at 7:36 p.m.

Daytrip: Destination: Frankfort, Kentucky.

As Spring fades into Summer and local schools take summer breaks, families across Butler County will begin to explore sites and cities located nearby. This week, in our day trips from the Butler County Connect series, we travel to the state capital of Kentucky, Frankfort Kentucky. 

This sleepy little Kentucky city boasts a population of slightly over twenty-five thousand people. Founded in 1792, Frankfort was named after Stephen Frank. Mr. Frank was killed by the Indians as he was making salt near a ford on the Kentucky River. Over time the name morphed from Frankford to the name we call Kentucky’s capital city today, Frankfort. 

 Kentucky State Capitol building. Photo credit E. Todd Fowler

A trip to Frankfort Kentucky would not be complete without taking a walk around and touring the inside of the state capitol building. After five years of construction, in 1910, the Beaux-Arts architecture style grand structure was dedicated and opened to the public. The building houses all three branches of the Kentucky state government. The grounds and landscaping are maintained with impeccable attention to detail.  While near the Capitol building be sure to walk by the east lawn, and view the Kentucky Governor's mansion. Both buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

 Kentucky Governor's Mansion. Located on the east lawn of the Capitol grounds. Photo credit public domain.

The Frankfort Cemetery is the final resting place of Daniel and Rebecca Boone, seventeen former Kentucky governors, and a vice president. The Kentucky Military Memorial is a notable monument located in the cemetery. This monument pays homage to Kentucky’s war heroes. The view from Daniel and Rebecca Boone’s gravesite encompasses all of Frankfort. A stop at the historic gravesite is a must for all first-time visitors. 

 Frankfort Cemetery gravesite of Daniel and Rebecca Boone. Photo credit E. Todd Fowler

It takes about two hours to drive to Frankfort. The city is full of historical markers making it easy to learn the rich American history Kentucky is known for from the comfort of your vehicle. There are city parks, local museums, and a quaint downtown area to stroll and enjoy. There is plenty to do and see while in Frankfort Kentucky. 

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