Liberty Township Announces 2022 Paving List

Streets will be paved throughout the rest of the year
July 25, 2022 at 9:37 a.m.


Liberty Township Announces 2022 Paving List


Silver Skate Drive - Tulip to cul-de-sac

Countryside Drive - End to end

Bluewood Knoll - Buckthorn to south side of Cottonwood

Buckthorn Knoll - Corkwood to Bluewood

Corkwood Knoll - Buckthorn to south side of Tallow Tree

Van Gordon Road - Hamilton Mason to SR 129 bridge

Hidden Oaks Lane - Logsdon Woods to cul-de-sac

Mauds Hughes Road - 6161 Mauds Hughes Road to pavement break

Woodmansee Way - 5692 Woodmansee to Kyles Station Road

Celestial Circle - Kyles Station Meadows to cul-de-sac

Old Kyles Station - SR 4 to (New) Kyles Station Road

Hamilton Mason Road - Mauds Hughes Road to Cincinnati Dayton Road

Black Mat Slurry

Lamberton Court - All

Tree Ridge Court - All

Sophora Court - All

Cross Creek Lane - All

Cross Creet Court - All

Keshena Drive - All

Keshena Court - All

Justess Lane - Alex Way West to cul-de-sac

Jennifer Court - Loedgewood Terrance East to cul-de-sac

Luck Lane - All

Alex Way - Lucky Lane to Justess Lane

Tree Side Drive - pavement break to Airy View Drive

Cedar Crest Drive - All

Summerfield Court - All

Lois Lane - All

Catman Court - All

Taylor Lake Lane - All

Treeview Drive - 6391 Treeview Drive towards west end

Cobblers Trail - All


Millikin Road - 340 LF east of Cincinnati Dayton to Butler Warren Road

Mauds Hughes Road - Kyles Station Road to Hankins Road